ChanceRiver’s solutions stems from a combination of innovative ideas, technical knowledge and hands on project management skills to ensure that every assignment is fulfilled adhering to budget and time parameters focusing the customer delight. The culmination of three parameters embedded in all our initiatives are Customer Intimacy, Operational Excellence and Innovation

Customer Intimacy:

Every client’s needs are special and unique. Each project presents a different set of challenges, demanding solutions tailored to the unique aspects. Our drive to excel contributes towards the delivery of high value added solutions. The intimate and clear communication process and the ability to think with the customers head leads to total customer satisfaction.

Operational Excellence:

"Embarking on a continuous journey to attain high standards of performance", our development and delivery is supported by effective processes. We work hard to bring you the full range of professional expertise in a seamless, one stop consultancy service package

The operational stages are monitored along, to detect any lapses or chances for failures. The excellence lies in it’s adaptability while being focused and streamlined.


"Discovering Tomorrow’s solution today", we stay ahead by focusing on developing capabilities for the future. To stay competitive, we are equipped to produce creative designs and breakthrough technologies making our solutions state of the art and entirely original.

These parameters ensure the successful delivery of the Saturn experience without fail and with the highest level of satisfaction. Besides this basic parameters, there are few our definite advantages which is valued much in the industry. They are strong and wide domain expertise and business exposure. Saturn Management and technical team comes from different domains, including Core design, Mobile computing, distributed computing etc. We understand the client requirement easily and can prepare specification document on our own, if required