ChanceRiver is primarily a custom software developer; however, we also have ready-to-use products and extensible frameworks, which are offered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). These products are mostly for use by small and medium, large scale businesses, who are at a stage where they need line of business systems to keep themselves organized. This frees up business owner's time so they can focus more on scaling the business rather than managing the mundane aspects. Obviously, one size does not fit all as each business has their own unique set of processes or rules. However, we see our SaaS products as a good starting point for automation. And if you hit a wall in the future, Chance River can always customize the software for your requirements.

Our Products Division is engaged in the promotion and sales of our flagship products to our existing customers and to the world wide potential users. The products Team will assist you with live demo of products, collaterals and further information about the specific products you would be interested in.
Dreamzook is a new age community web platform where people can share, monitor and manage their goals to be achieved. It’s platform comprises most and many of comprehensive features, extensive end-user settings, add-one tools and much more.
Employee management software is an application used to track, record, and monitor the number of hours spent by an employee at work. Chance River’s solutions are interactively designed, easy to use and help you to get a complete summary of each employee’s work activity in a day. It includes time spent in working, training, doing some specific work and break times. Our team has the expertise to build a customized application to cater the requirements of various domains.
A few of the advantages of Chance River’s Employee Management and Billing application are:
•  The application manages the time and billing more effectively with easily configurable project time and billing
Workflow-driven time and billing control
Automatic project compliance with labor and industry regulations
Increased project visibility, workforce productivity, operational effectiveness and control over budgets
Real-time communication and decision-making
Efficient management of the time is must for the success of any organization. Chance River offers you the best and simplified solution for controlling wastage of time and money that is otherwise wasted in the laborious task of manual calculations of attendance and payroll processing.
Chance River’s Time & Attendance is integrated with high quality biometric time attendance machine that include fingerprint, face recognition machines or any other time attendance system that keeps track on employees working hours and attendance management. This helps in maintaining the attendance and time of each employee in an easy and efficient manner. Its advance payroll software will make it easy for you to maintain payroll along with deductions and inclusions if any. This software will provide accurate results along with enhanced employee productivity.
ChanceRiver's Payroll Management Application is a web based software solution which has payroll software module that eases the very laborious task of every month payroll processing. It includes complexities regarding calculations, deductions, statuary regulations and other daunting activities. Our payroll software is designed to suit every small, midsized and large organization to enhance their payroll processing and thus adding to the productivity and profits. Payroll software is efficient in a wide variety of tasks including employee attendance, calculating innumerable salary components; calculate overtime, tracking leaves, loans and advances, generating pay slips, PF reports, ESI reports, tax reports etc.
Our payroll software is compatible with every type of industry unlike other payroll applications. It is multi-user, multi-company application and can maintain records of around 500 employees at a time. Its advance features make it easy for administrators to set user level permissions and access rights and maintain a complete audit trails.